Pedal Powered Poop Pump

Pedal Powered Poop Pump

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Lead by Nate Sharpe, the team at Sanergy has created the worlds first pedal powered poop pump: The Sanergy Cycle. Using a modified version of the maize sheller developed by Global Cycle Solutions (a fellow MIT Alumni company) corn sheller, assorted bicycle parts, and some nuts and bolts, we’ve created a better way to empty pit latrines. A user can ride up to a full pit latrine, drop the hose into the pit, cycle in place for 10-15 minutes, and then ride to the nearest disposal point to dump the 25 liter bucket. Watch this short video for some footage from our workshop at MIT. Nate is currently in Nairobi doing some field tests of the pump. We’re looking forward to the results of the testing to continue to improve the product.




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