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Fresh Notes: Stories From The Field

Washing hands for a healthy future

In Kenya, poor sanitation causes an estimated 17,000 deaths of children under five each year, 90% of which are due to diarrheal diseases. Inappropriate hygiene behavior is disastrous for infants and young children; handwashing is considered as one of the most inexpensive yet efficient interventions in curbing hygiene-related […]

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Shaping the future of access to safe sanitation at scale – a glimpse of Douglas’s work

Half of Kenya’s population lives in urban areas. As the rate of urbanization increases, the population is expected to double by 2030. Providing citywide sanitation services in growing cities such as Nairobi, where 4 million people live, is a complex, important challenge. That is why at Sanergy, […]

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Fresh Life Tackles Youth Unemployment in Nairobi

Joseph Ochieng’, fondly known as ‘Coaches Ochi’ by friends and family, is a successful businessman who runs a barber shop and 10 Fresh Life Toilets in Muthurwa area– a busy market located southeast of Nairobi. The father of one is a happy man, his Fresh Life business […]

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Serving everyone, everywhere: A spotlight on the Fabrication and Installation team

In May 2017, we launched a record 65 Fresh Life Toilets! What does it take to ensure the construction happens? Enter Sanergy’s Fabrication and Installation team. The team is charged with the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of all the Fresh Life Toilets in our network. On any […]

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“I want a clean Mukuru!” – George Kiraithe

George Kiraithe, a well-respected property manager in Mukuru, begins his day by inspecting a variety of rental units. He then works with prospective landlords in the area to help them build rental units or sell pieces of land. Kiraithe has been in this business for over a […]

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